Why You Should Adopt, Not Buy, Your Next Cat


As a lifelong cat lover, I have both adopted and purchased cats as companions over the years. While buying a cat from a breeder or pet store may seem appealing in the pursuit of a specific breed or look, I would strongly recommend adopting your next feline friend from an animal shelter or rescue group instead. Here are a few reasons why:

You are saving a life. There are millions of unwanted cats in shelters and rescues hoping for a forever home. By adopting, you are directly rescuing a cat from a potentially frightening shelter environment and giving it a second chance at life in a loving home. That feeling of knowing you saved your new furry family member is incredibly rewarding.

You will save money. Adoption fees are a fraction of the cost of purchasing a cat, especially if you are looking at a purebred cat from a breeder. Adoption fees typically cover essential vaccinations and veterinary care, while the initial purchase price of a cat is just the start of a potentially expensive undertaking.

You are helping control the cat overpopulation problem. There are far more cats than available homes, which is why so many end up in shelters. By adopting, you are helping to reduce this number and not contributing to the overbreeding of cats. You will feel good knowing you are part of the solution to this problem.

You may find your perfect cat. While you may have a vision of the type of cat you want based on appearance, age, or breed, that perfect cat for you may be waiting at your local shelter. And it likely won’t be marked up in price just for a certain sought-after look. With so many cats needing homes, you have a great chance of finding just the right furry companion for your lifestyle.

For a cat lover like myself, the ultimate joy comes from providing a loving home to a cat in need. The rewards of adoption far outweigh any benefits of purchasing a cat. So I encourage you to visit your local shelter or rescue group and adopt your next feline family member. You’ll be glad you did!



Cat Care Tips & Info by Laura D.

As a lifelong cat lover, I find my deepest joy in caring for and bonding with shelter cats who grace my life. Now writing cat blogs for medium & zezelife.com