Things You Need to Know to Choose a Cat Tower

Cat Care Tips & Info by Laura D.
3 min readMar 22, 2023
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Choosing the right cat tower for your feline friend can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of research and consideration, you can find the perfect one to keep your cat entertained and happy. Here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting the best cat tree for your cat:

  1. Size: The size of the cat tower is an essential factor to consider. You want to make sure that the tree is the right size for your cat to climb, perch, and play on comfortably. The size of the tree also depends on the space you have available in your home. Make sure to measure the area where you plan to place the cat tree, and select a tree that fits within the space.
  2. Sturdiness: The cat tree should be sturdy enough to support your cat’s weight and allow them to climb and play without the tree tipping over. The sturdiness of the cat tree will depend on the materials used to construct it. Look for a tree made from high-quality materials, such as wood or heavy-duty cardboard. Also, check that the tree has a solid base, and the platforms are securely attached to the tree.
  3. Material: The material of the cat tower can vary greatly, from plush fabric to sisal rope to carpet. Consider what your cat likes to scratch and play with, and select a tree made from that material. For example, if your cat loves to scratch, a tree with sisal rope scratching posts would be a good option.
  4. Height: Cats love to climb and perch up high, so a cat tree with multiple levels and platforms is ideal. Look for a tree that has different heights to allow your cat to climb and jump around. The height of the tree should also be appropriate for your cat’s size, so they can easily access all the levels.
  5. Design: The design of the cat tower can also be a factor in your decision. Some cat trees have unique shapes and features, such as tunnels, hammocks, or even built-in toys. Consider what your cat likes and select a tree with features that will keep them entertained.
  6. Price: Cat tower can vary in price, from budget-friendly options to more expensive models. Consider your budget and find a tree that suits both your cat’s needs and your financial situation.
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In conclusion, choosing the best cat tower for your cat takes some consideration and research. Keep in mind the size, sturdiness, material, height, design, and price when selecting a tree. With the right cat tower, your feline friend will have a comfortable and entertaining space to play, scratch, and relax.



Cat Care Tips & Info by Laura D.

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